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Mine out the Potential Leads and Conduct Admissions Counseling with an Intelligent, AI-Powered Voice Agent that can pay and attend 1M+ Calls a Day.

Experience the Next-Gen Calling with SuperBot to Scale-Up your Admissions!

Introducing SuperBot

An Intelligent Voice Agent capable of having Smart Dialogues with Humans over Telephony Channels.

Introducing SuperBot

Human-Like Conversations

SuperBot can understand applicants’ intent and unique queries, and responds accordingly to provide an engaging human-like counseling experience.


No Language Barrier with SuperBot. SuperBot has been trained to understand and communicate with applicants in their regional languages, including Hindi, English, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, etc 

24x7 Availability

Incoming calls from applicants will never be missed again. SuperBot attends incoming calls from 10000+ Applicants at the same time around-the-clock, answering their queries and counseling them. WIth SuperBot you do not have to worry about applicants losing interest due to lack of communication.

How SuperBot Can Benefit You In Application-to-Admission Journey

Lead Mining

With the capability of paying 1M+ Calls a Day, mining out Potential Leads from millions of Prospects becomes easy. SuperBot can pay 10000+ calls parallely to verify lead information and their interest in taking admission and filter out the Potential Leads based on Auto-Scoring and Classification.


After the initial counseling and scoring of leads, SuperBot filters out the High-Priority, Potential Leads for human counselors, saving your counselors from doing the Hard Work and allowing them to focus on the Smart Work of Counseling.

Custom Voice-Overs

Choose the voice that suits your Brand. SuperBot comes with multiple human voice-overs along with the option of speed, pitch, and voice modulation. Choose and use the one which provides an engaging counseling experience.

Faster Response Time

Now, don’t keep your applicants waiting for their calls to be answered. SuperBot can respond to incoming calls within seconds while catering to 10000+ calls at the same time, thus preventing queueing of applicants.

Intelligent Reporting

Score all your calls with automated scoring rules and mine out the leads with the most potential to be converted based on their verification and interest in taking admission.

Increased ROI

With SuperBot being able to make 1M+ calls a day, it can reach a much wider range of potential leads, thus increasing the chances of more conversions and helping counselors to scale-up admissions.

100x faster Calling

Be it Cold Calling or Follow-Up Calls, SuperBot can cater to 10000+ Calls parallely, leading to 100X faster calling rates than traditional methods.

Attending Calls 24x7

There is No Time-Limitation for counseling. SuperBot can attend and make calls around the clock and counsel and Address Applicants Queries any time

Scale-Up Your Admissions With Our Next-Gen Technology


Applicants Reached Out in a Day


Load Shed-Off From Human Counselors


Cost of the Traditional Methods


Reverification of Counselor Leads

Experience the Powers of SuperBot

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