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Experience the Power of CampusEnrol, A One-Stop Solution for Meeting all your Admission Needs

Empower your Team with Admission Cycle Automation

Marketing Automation

Marketing through multiple platforms made easy. Carry out all your Calls, SMS, Emails, whatsapp message and push notification self-driven marketing campaigns with event based automation to nurture and convert potential leads.

Multiple Application Management

Don’t restrict your applicants to apply only for one program or course.  Allow your applicants to initiate multiple applications for all the courses of their choice. Assign them to the related counsellor for each course and counsel them for each one and let them decide and enroll in the one best suited for them.

Bulk Lead management

It can be extremely time consuming to manage your leads individually. Now you can manage thousands of leads at a time. Whether it is uploading the new leads data or to assign or transfer the leads to a counselor.


Accounting Management

Managing all your accounting related activities on separate platforms can be very hectic and time consuming, not only this, working on separate platforms can lead to loss of important data.

Combine all your accounting management work on a single platform.

Manage and maintain all your fee structures, collections, application wise ledgers, fee receipts, etc. at one place.

Queue Management

Managing the walk-in leads can be very stressful and sometimes lead to mis-management, leading to loss of potential applicants.

Manage all your walk-in leads in a systematic manner by raising a token number for the walk-ins and assigning them to the next available counselor automatically.

Assign the leads to the counselors on the basis of the course the lead is interested in, the office the lead has visited.

Ticketing System

While going through with the admissions, students can have a lot of questions and queries,  doubts regarding fee payment, refund policy, counsellor change request, etc. 

It can be very hectic to manage all the queries on a separate platform. 

Now allow your students to raise their queries through the Ticketing System, assign the tickets to the concerned counsellor and resolve the students queries. The Ticketing System makes it easier to keep a track of all the tickets raised by students in the past.

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