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CampusEnrol is a one-stop solution for meeting all the admission needs of an educational institute. It is a 360-degree Intelligent Solution for educational institutes for cruising their applications to admissions. CampusEnrol is an Education CRM cum Admission Portal that can help any educational institute digitize and automate their entire admission journey from lead management, lead nurturing to applications and accounting management, marketing while getting a 360-degree view of their current admission cycle in one single place via real-time reports and analytics. CampusEnrol helps to maintain every detail about a prospective candidate, such as their personal information, lead source, course/program interested in, what application stage they are on, how much fee payment is done/pending, complete accounting ledgers, their entire communication history and what not.
CampusEnrol comes with two AI-Powered Smart Assistants – SuperBot For Education which is a Chatbot – available 24*7, integrable with 20+ platforms, response time of 2-4 seconds, capable of answering custom as well as repetitive queries of the students. SuperBot which is an AI-Powered Voice Bot capable of paying and attending 1M+ calls a day – mine out your potential leads by paying calls with SuperBot and only give the verified leads to your counselors for further counseling thus increasing conversions. Not only this, CampusEnrol comes with marketing automation wherein an automated notification can be triggered at every step to the lead to nudge him to take admission. Automate the counselor’s routine tasks with CampusEnrol so that they can focus on the work that matters – counseling and conversion of leads. Further, CampusEnrol also comes with Auto-Assignment and Lead Scoring Features. Auto-assign counselors to your incoming leads, applications and prospects based on set defined rules in the system that will help you do away with the manual task of assigning counselors one-by-one. Also, based on set socring rules in the system, your leads are scored at every step and automatically classified as Hot, Warm and Cold for your counselors to decide on next action-steps accordingly. Fascinating, right? Want to know what else CampusEnrol can do for your admission process? Then drop us an email at to schedule a demo and our team will get in touch with you shortly.
Yes, CampusEnrol comes with advanced marketing communication module that can be used to send automated and personalised messages to prospective candidates. Automated single message notifications can be triggered to the lead at every activity of the lead and the stage of the application process via Push, SMS, Email, WhatsApp and SuperBot Telephony – AI Powered Voice Agent. Not only this, bulk message campaigns can also be sent to a specific audience as per your requirement. You can set a target audience using advanced filters present in the system and set a time and date for the messages to be sent. Then sit back and relax! The messages will be auto-triggered based on the date and time selected.

Do not miss any lead through any channel, capture all your leads from various digital channels at one point using our easy to integrate APIs and in-built connectors. CampusEnrol acts as a central management system for all your leads coming from different sources like website, landing pages, third-party vendors, online and offline marketing campaigns, etc. and attributes your leads to these sources. Not only this, it classifies your lead sources as Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sources to help you and your third-party vendors optimize lead management and lead flow quality.

Apart from capturing all the sources a lead or application is coming through, CampusEnrol can also keep track of not only the marketing campaigns but their mediums as well. Be it online or offline leads, if the campaigns are mapped against the leads or applications by their source of generation, it wil be captured and reflected in CampusEnrol, with advanced filters and reporting available for actionable insights.
It can track all online leads pushed via APIs, Social Media Marketing Channels, etc., as well as leads uploaded after offline marketing campaigns like school visits, walk ins, etc. Not only this, it also helps institutes calculate campaign ROI so that institutes can optimise their marketing strategies accordingly.

CampusEnrol comes with a click-to-call feature which can be integrated with SuperBot Telephony or any other call provider to pay outbound and attend inbound calls seamlessly. It also provides interaction history along with a call recording for future reference.

End-to-end lead-counselor interaction history is provided in the system along with the interaction rating and medium via which the interaction took place. Keep track of counselor interactions and take decisive actions to optimise admission counseling.

You can execute strategic remarketing Facebook and Google campaigns on the leads present in your system. All you have to do is set a target audience using the advanced filters present in the system and then directly push the target audience list to your Facebook and Google Ads Account without any manual intervention. Gone are the days when you had to upload custom lists in the form of excel sheets to your Ads Account for running remarketing campaigns.

WhatsApp Business API optimises and adds a personal touch to lead engagement. It is also the most preferred channel and not to forget, the fastest when it comes to communication. Now, you can send automated notifications to candidates based on their activity and application stage. Not only this, you can also share instant promotional messages about your institute and drive candidate interest in taking admission. All of this can be done in few simple clicks via CampusEnrol. You can also integrate SuperBot For Education with your WhatsApp Business API to nurture candidates 24*7*365

Conduct cold calling on your prospect data with SuperBot – An AI-Powered Voice Agent that can pay and attend 1M+ calls a day to mine out the potential leads for you. Not only this, it can further Auto-Score and Classify your Prospects and filter out High-Priority, Potential Prospects. Let SuperBot do the Hard Work and let your Counselors focus on the Smart Work. This way you can manage your leads and prospects more efficiently with effective counseling and scale up admissions.

CampusEnrol comes with deep-integration with SuperBot For Education – An AI-Powered Smart Chat Assistant which not only guides the applicants but also assists your counselors. Be it guiding your applicants with their next steps for admissions or assisting your counselors with their next action item, daily reminders or reports, all of it can be done by one single agent. Empower your team to maintain 24*7*365 support, while saving time, cost and effort. Now, you don’t have to worry about missing lead queries post working hours. It can answer unique queries while capturing lead details and generating leads.

Conduct e-counseling of the prospective applicants using Google Meet, Skype and Zoom with the help of our In-Built Integrations and provide a seamless counseling session to the applicants

CampusEnrol enables Online Fee Payment via Multiple Payment Gateway Integration. The system accepts and reflects payable amount in both National as well as International Currencies.

The Accounting Management Module of the CampusEnrol enables management of all your fee structures, collection, scholarships, application-wise detailed ledgers, fee-receipts, refund receipts and everything related to fee management at one place. The accounting ledger gives a detailed view of the fee to be paid, fee collected, and pending fee status of a candidate, thus helping institutes effectively manage their accounts

Yes, CampusEnrol can be easily integrated with third-party vendors / publishers with the help of our easy-to-integrate, open APIs. Not only this, CampusEnrol also helps maintain transparency and accountability in the system by identifying and classifying the sources of incoming leads as Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sources and enables instititutes to proivde the right attribution to the publishers.
Yes, we provide a Publisher Panel in order to maintain real-time transparency and to empower Publishers to keep a track of their performance and optimize their lead management and lead flow quality. With a one-view Dashboard and Analytics at their disposal, publishers can now leverage actionable insights to plan and deliver better.
Yes, get access to customized reports to meet your analysis needs and requirements. To get a customized report, you can contact your account manager or raise a ticket at, and post a feasibility check from the team, you can get access to the report that best suits your admission requirements.
Yes, CampusEnrol comes with a Student Dashboard to enhance the admission journey for prospective candidates and provide them with a seamless engaging experience to drive their interest in taking admission. The student can easily cruise the portal to select a course of her choice, initiate multiple applications, get counseled to make an informed decision and then complete the admission process by paying fee online and securing a seat in her preferred program. Students can do this all by themselves, that is why, it is called a DIY Student Portal which has a 24*7*365 smart assistant – SuperBot For Education – an AI-Powered Chat Assistant to cater to student’s unique queries and guide them on the next application steps.
Yes, CampusEnrol offers customized dashboards and 100+ reports to meet all your reporting and analysis needs. Be it counselor performance summary report, counselor pending task report or source-wise, course-wise, state-wise lead creation and admission summary, it has analytics to cater to every aspect of your admission cycle analysis needs.

We provide both the options – As per your convenience and requirement, you can either choose to go with your own SMS and Email Provider or can opt for our SMS and Email Provider Services. We provide complete end-to-end integration in both the cases.

There is no fixed price of CampusEnrol. Integration with WhatsApp Business Account is offered as per client’s requirements. In case you wish to opt for WhatsApp, then please fill the same in the CampusEnrol Requisition Form – and our team will get in touch with you shortly with a custom proposal.
Yes, we offer white labelling and it involves a certain cost. In case you wish to opt for white labelling, then please fill the same in the CampusEnrol Requisition Form – and our team will get in touch with you shortly with a custom proposal.
Subscription plans vary depending upon the client’s requirements. To find the Perfect Subscription Plan that will help you achieve your Admission Automation Goals, please drop us an email at or fill this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.
There will be a dedicated account manager allocated to each account. The support will be available over telephone and mails. For raising any new ticket, you may write to us at
To schedule a demo of CampusEnrol, please drop us an email at or fill this form and our team will get in touch with you within 48 hours.
To purchase CampusEnrol, please drop us an email at or fill this form and our team will get in touch with you within 48 hours.
Pricing plans vary depending upon what modules and services are opted for by an institute. To find the Perfect Pricing Plan that will help you achieve your Admission Automation Goals, please drop us an email at and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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