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CampusEnrol – “Simply Intelligent”

Start Cruising Applications to Admissions with a 360-degree Intelligent Solution

Cruising from Applications to Admission

No more separate platforms for Lead Capturing, Lead Nurturing, and Marketing Automation.


Mine out your Potential leads from lakhs of prospect data by paying 1M+ calls a day.

one stop solution

Cater to all your visitor queries 24×7, 365 days while capturing their details and generating leads.


Stay in touch with all your applicants via all the modes of communication with the help of automation.


Get access to all the Admission related Reports and Data, over a WhatsApp message.

Effective And Efficient Efforts

CampusEnrol is Integrated with AI Powered Smart Assistant that automates the hardwork of calling and allows the human counselors to focus on Conversion, and Conduct In-Depth Counseling

  • Automated Lead Filtering
  • Automated Reminder Calls
  • 24×7 available AI-Powered Counselor

Marketing Automation

Carry out Marketing Campaigns with event based Automation via Calls, SMS, Emails, etc. Also, execute Facebook and Google marketing campaigns.

  • Multiple Platform Marketing
  • Strategic Remarketing
  • Detailed Marketing Reports

Prioritizing the Right Prospects

Save the efforts of your Counselors by Prioritizing the leads with Auto-Scoring and Classification of the leads as Hot, Warm and Cold based on the interaction. And only pass on the Hot leads to the human counselors for further counseling.

  • Auto-Scoring The Leads
  • Prioritize the Leads to be Engaged First
  • Efficient for Human Counselors


One system to act as a one-stop solution for meeting all your Admission Needs. #SwitchToIntelligence


Smart Notification

AI-Powered Support System


Prospect Management

Marketing Automation

Cloud Telephony

Campaign Reporting

Intelligent And Automated approach

Prospect Approach

Prospects with hopes of finding admission in the course of their choice, fill up the Admission form to gather further information. All this prospect data is captured from different sources into the system, and further assigned to counselors on the basis of auto-assignment rules.

Counseling and Auto-Classification

With the help of Integrated SuperBot, prospects’ queries are resolved and questions are answered. SuperBot automatically filters and classifies the leads as Hot, Warm and Cold, based on the interaction and prospect’s interest in taking admission.

24x7 AI-Powered Smart Counselor

The System further guides the student for all the further steps required from application-till-admission, answering their unique queries through 24×7 available AI-Powered smart assistant. Allow students to apply for multiple courses and counsel them for each helping them to choose the best for them.

Lead Nurturing

Stay in constant touch with the applicants via automated follow-ups and reminder notification Calls, SMS, Email and WhatsApp to nudge the leads to complete the application process. Run strategic marketing campaigns to nurture them and avoid lead leakage.

Easy Admissions

With the entire Application process taken care of on a single platform, Admissions become Easy. Track the entire Applications-To-Admissions journey via real-time dashboards and reports and leverage actionable insights to improve conversions and scale-up admissions.

Powerful Add - Ons

SuperBot For Education

AI-Powered textual communication agent for educational organisations, SuperBot understands user intent and multiple languages like English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, etc and can respond accordingly. SuperBot can provide initial counseling by resolving user queries and answering their questions. It can handle multiple users at same time and can assist the students till Admissions


Ease the workload of your human agents by doing cold calling with SuperBot. Pay 1M+ calls in a day to mine out the potential leads based on Auto-Scoring. Do real-time verification of incoming leads and pass on only verified leads to your counselors. Be available 24x7 by attending 10K+ calls in parallel from your applicants and addressing their queries and passing them to human agents in real time if required.


Ready to Get Started?

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